Who We Are

OFGH was established to meet the unique and diverse support needs of children and youth while working in collaboration with Children’s Aid Society (CAS).
OFGH provided residential support services which involved assessments and arrangements best suited to the child’s or youth’s needs, while also providing structure and routine in a safe home-like environment.

“OFGH believes in supporting persons with disabilities towards overcoming barriers that inhibit the ability of persons to exercise their rights and with this allows them to fully participate in community/social living and succeed in their dreams and goals.”

We believe every client has gifts within themselves and through the provisions of recreational and socialization opportunities, there comes a sense of belonging.

OFGH promotes independence, self-worth and a sense of belonging while encouraging creativity and self-expression of each individual. Our support staff supervise their activities of daily living within the home and the community, to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals. Consultation between supported individuals and their caregivers will ensure that planned activities are appropriate and enjoyable for those participating, and that activities include those identified in their individual program goals. The programs are structured with limits and predictable routines with each individual’s personal, physical and social growth needs encouraged and supported by our staff teams. 


We believe in eliminating the barriers that inhibit the ability of persons with disabilities to exercise their rights, fully participate in community/social living and succeed in their dreams and goals.

We believe in empowering and supporting persons with disabilities to make their own choices, advocate for themselves, and exercise control over their lives whenever possible. We believe each person needs to be consulted and participate in the process of making decisions that affect their lives whenever possible.

We believe believes in effective and creative collaboration, where time is taken to get to know each person and learn about their unique dreams, needs and desires.

We believe believes a “choice model” approach where clients and family members are given the opportunity to play a key role in the services provided to the client.

We believe believes in Individualized services planned and delivered within a framework of a nurturing, safe and caring environment. We work to support each client’s level of independence and self-confidence while preserving connections with their families.