Treatment Services

Our Programs Are Unique

Each program is unique in its design, but very similar in philosophy. Every program is tailored to meet the individual needs of the sponsoring agency, the  persons in our care, and their families. The residences are designed to operate as a community home. They provide an environment and lifestyle that fosters health, strength and personal growth in each person, to help them thrive and achieve positive outcomes and develop positive social relationships. Delivering high-quality residential care is the foundation to creating an environment that supports optimal development in their skills, abilities and beliefs in themselves and their dreams. Every person deserves the opportunity to succeed, belong and believe in themselves and their dreams and equally have their identity, including their race, ethnicity, spirituality, ability, neurodiversity, gender identity or sexual orientation also supported and celebrated.

Following admission, a Plan of Care (Youth) or Individual Support Plan (Adults) is created and implemented involving all necessary parties, addressing these needs with specific goals outlined. The residences themselves service many of the supported individual’s immediate needs through a variety of established programs and by maintaining regular liaison with the parents, guardians and placing agencies as well as other community agencies and resources, to ensure the best possible care for each person.

Our support staff will encourage the social, recreational, developmental, cultural and spiritual needs of the individual. Each supported individual is seen as unique, and therefore the planning for their care will be individualized and specific to their needs. Through creative collaboration, our support staff will take the time to get to know each individual and to learn about their unique dreams, needs and desires. OFGH’s ultimate goal for every person in our care, is to ensure that we offer the best opportunities possible for them to experience a full and meaningful life.

The OFGH support programs are designed for youth and adults with multiple and complex special needs

Development and Skill Building is Possible

We maintain the belief that supported individuals are capable of developing life skills and independence in certain aspects of their life to better prepare youth for transitioning to adulthood and to help adults develop necessary skills to become more independent. We understand and are committed to the time, effort, creativity and diplomacy that are required in achieving a successful program in which the supported person and their families receive the best possible care. When residential service providers create a culture that recognizes people as competent, capable, and curious, and when environments are accepting and inclusive of their diverse identities, they are more likely to deliver residential programs for the supported person that value and build on their strengths and abilities. Our goal is to support youths coming in to our care to develop coping mechanisms to manage their emotional, social and behavioural functioning. Therefore, our program and its format assist youths in developing effective internal controls by providing the youth with structured routines (Daily Activity Schedules) and consistent supports, including behaviour therapy through Behaviour Support Plans, written by registered behaviour therapists.


OFGH offers…


  • Each client a nurturing, caring learning environment which allows individuals the freedom and opportunity to be themselves, while encouraging them to reach their true potential. We believe every individual deserves the right to live in an environment which provides for their developmental, physical, and emotional needs.
  • A ‘choice model’ environment where individuals are given the opportunity to play a key role in the development and provision of their services and care.
  • Individualized programming to address the individual’s needs with regard to communication, behavior, activities of daily living, community integration, employment, social, cultural, and spiritual aspects of their life.
  • Supervision and guidance to maintain health and safety while
    striving to increase each client’s level of independence and self-confidence, through the establishment and preservation of appropriate community relationships.
  • Focus on appropriate educational goals in conjunction with local community schools, or alternative education/work programs.
  • Person centered care plans which will include input from the individual themselves, and addresses the desires and goals of the individual towards the achievement of optimal growth and wellness.
  • We will focus on the emotional, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, sensory, and occupational wellness of each individual.

Respect, empowerment and support for the persons in our care are the foundations of our Independent Support Services.