Our Approach

Mission Statement

OFGH promotes dignity, respect and inclusion for all persons. We are committed and passionate about supporting persons with unique and complex needs to achieve a healthy lifestyle, inclusion through engagement in the community and the opportunities to pursue their dreams. Where the rights of each person are honoured and their sense of belonging and belief in themselves are encouraged daily in all aspects of their care.



  • Accessibility
  • Participation
  • Independence
  • Accountability


  • Provide safe, supportive, care and services;
  • Ensure that our high quality of care is maintained and all Ministry of Ontario and Agency Placement requirements are met throughout care;
  • Encourage and support each person to become as independent as possible and to experience personal achievements and success;
  • Ensure each person’s values, dignity and privacy is respected;
  • Promote inclusion in all aspects of their daily living including community schools, community activities and social groups; public events etc;
  • Encourage and support positive use of recreational and leisure time;
  • Promote and support meaningful relationships;
  • Pursue a menu of feasible professional services, community supports and programs to ensure health and personal development;
  • Advocate for and educate others about the importance of integration and participation;
  • Provide Individualized planning, promoting personal choices, opportunities and responsibility;
  • Promote opportunities where each individual “believes” in themselves and their ability to achieve their dreams.


Building, Believing, Belonging and Becoming…our foundations and corner stones on which we operate.

Achieved through Respect, Inclusion and Supports for Healthy Relationships


A sense of belonging is an important aspect of all of our daily living. We all want to belong in our families, our communities and with our peers. Our desire for connection and love runs deep, so much so that we may compromise who we are in order to belong. That common element in all of us in that need to belong is a strong foundation to reaching our goals and dreams.

We have established our programs to support, promote and encourage a strong and safe sense of Belonging in their individuality, during their daily experiences and within their community participation. Their sense of Belonging created by our staff care teams supports them in their growth, wellness and successes of their dreams.


Our belief in ourselves, which is often painted negatively from our life experiences, is critical to affect positive change. Focusing on finding a client’s gifts and healthy sense of self-esteem, allows them to excel in their personal, individualized plans, by believing the “ good aspects of themselves”, not the negative conditioning of what they have experienced the change in any negative perceptions of themselves that others may have conditioned them to believe positive change and Beliefs. Everyone has a “gift” or skill, and once we assist them to see it, nurture it, and believe it, it becomes a solid foundation to assist them in their goals and success in their treatment and wellness.


A universal lack of self-worth in many individuals can hold a universal lack of self-worth in their perception. They have been conditioned to believe they are only “so good” or worthy of only “so much” or can only go “so far” in life/ their dreams or their goals. We work hard with our clients to establish a better sense of self, about who they can become, and the life goals they can achieve, by helping them become in their positive self-perceptions and encouragement in their self-perceptions and encourage and support them to see their capabilities and possibilities. A change in perception of who they can become, brings changed behaviors in their daily living and goals.

Vision Statement

OFGH strives to develop Leaders who are the ambassadors of the 4Bs, which are woven into the fabric of the OFGH. Through incorporating the 4Bs throughout OFGH in various aspects, we hope to encourage people to be the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be. The OFGH Leaders aim to instill and develop the OFGH values in the foundations of care for our clients and in the work environment of our staff care teams in the following:

  1. Modeling behaviours we want to promote in our values and vision in quality care and services
  2. Cooperation/collaboration, respect, kindness, trust and Inclusion
  3. Skills/training opportunities that encourage the 4Bs
  4. Opportunities to gather to celebrate successes and review where we can do better

Our support programs are designed to offer opportunities, care and quality services for people with developmental disabilities to reach their potential through the achievement of goals developed through individualized program plans. OFGH will provide clients with individualized program support to encourage their personal strengths and growth as individuals. Our programs provide consistency, repetition, skill modeling, and the appropriate use of verbal praise and reinforcement within a safe, positive, nurturing environment.

We will work closely with family, school boards, and community support agencies, to ensure supported individuals are provided with various opportunities to achieve their personal goals, and thrive in their day to day healthy living.

All our programs have access to a multidisciplinary treatment team including Child and Youth Workers, Developmental Support Workers, Social Workers, a Behavior Therapist, and a consulting Psychologist. The treatment team works collaboratively to create a client centered individual care plan for each individual.