"Providing services for the care and treatment of children and their families."

OFGH - Foster Care Services

Our mission is to provide specialized home-based foster care to a diverse population of at-risk children and their families. We utilize a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment that values the child's unique potential. We emphasize innovative program development, teamwork, and clinical excellence. The core of our delivery system is to assist, serve, and respond to the needs of our clients and the needs of referring agencies.

Our Foster Care Programs embrace families and children from diverse backgrounds.  Our foster parents represent diversity in age, religion, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity and race. Our foster families are respectful of these diversities and are flexible and able to value differences.

Our Residential Programs

OFGH has extensive experience in the operation of residential treatment programs and services. We are unique in our design, we are committed to providing the highest level of care and we are committed  to partnering with communities, resources, agencies and Ministries, to ensure success in the delivery of our services. Our current roster of residential programs includes:

Description of the Foster Care Programs

Our Foster Care programs are located in community-based settings. The homes are licensed as Foster Homes. The homes have qualified house parents where at least one parent has experience in child care and treatment. A child and youth worker (“CYW”)is part of the team which offers support to the Foster Parents. Each child placed will receive up to 8 hours of CYW support weekly . A MSW therapist will be available to meet with children and their families on a weekly basis. A clinical psychologist will be available on a consulting basis. The foster parents have access to senior management support as well as 24-hour on-call support in case of an emergency.


The Children We Serve

The children we serve may have histories of abuse, (mental, physical and, or sexual) neglect, or may have witnessed other forms of violence in the home. The child/youth may also have other challenges in their lives that has them requiring consistent support, care and guidance.