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Staff Support and Services for Adults with Multiple and Complex Developmental Disabilities


Welcome to Independent Living Support Services

OFGH is a comprehensive multi-service agency, providing therapeutic programs and treatment for individuals and their families.ILSS is a program specifically designed to address the needs of adults with developmental disabilities.We offer independent living supports or staffing supports.




We are committed to offering services that support adults with developmental and or complex/unique needs to reach their maximum potential, visualize their valued role in society and participate in their community.


• To provide safe, supportive, care and services

• To ensure that a high standard of quality of care is maintained and all Ministry (s) of Ontario requirements are met throughout care

• To encourage and support each person to become as independent as possible and to experience personal achievements and success

• To ensure each person's personal values, dignity and privacy is respected

• To promote inclusion into community schools, community activities and social groups

• To encourage and support positive use of recreational and leisure time

• To promote and support meaningful relationships

• To pursue a menu of feasible professional services, community supports and programs to ensure health and personal development

• To  advocate for and educate others about the importance of integration and involvement

• To provide Individualize planning, promoting personal choices, opportunities and responsibility.


We believe that a specialized individualized environment increases the ability for the client to develop the skills necessary for independence, social inclusion, and individual choice.  The ILSS program is designed to offer opportunities, care and support for developmentally disabled individuals to reach their potential through the achievement of goals developed through individualized program plans. ILSS will provide clients with individualized program support to encourage their personal strengths and growth as individuals. Clients of ILSS will benefit from a program which provides consistency, repetition, skill modeling, and the appropriate use of verbal praise and reinforcement within a safe, positive, nurturing environment.

We will work closely with family, school boards, and community support agencies, to ensure clients are provided with a maximum number of opportunities possible to achieve their personal goals, and thrive in their day to day healthy living.

ILSS will have access to a multidisciplinary treatment team including Child and Youth Workers, Developmental Support Workers, Social Workers, a Behavior Therapist, and a consulting Psychologist. The treatment team will work collaboratively to create a client centered individual care plan for each client. 


ILSS provides a supportive, independent living environment that assists and encourages each individual in the achievement of individualized behavioral goals, independence in life skills and positive social relationships.  ILSS workers will encourage the social, recreational, developmental, cultural and spiritual needs of the individual. Each client is seen as unique, and therefore the planning for their care will be individualized and specific to their needs. Through creative collaboration, our caregivers will take the time to get to know each individual and to learn about their unique dreams, needs and desires. OFGH’s ultimate goal for every client at our ILSS program is to ensure that we offer the best opportunities possible for them to experience a full and meaningful life.
ILSS is a program designed for adults with multiple and complex special needs. We will accommodate adults with disorders such as:

➢ Autism Spectrum Disorder

➢ Pervasive Developmental Disorders

➢ Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities

➢ Concurrent Disorders

➢ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

➢ Tourette Syndrome

➢ Learning Disabilities/Mild Intellectual Delay

➢ Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

➢ Emotional, Anxiety and mental health issues

ILSS offers:

• Each client a nurturing, caring learning environment which allows individuals the freedom and opportunity to be themselves, while encouraging them to reach their true potential. We believe every individual deserves the right to live in an environment which provides for their developmental, physical, and emotional needs.

• A ‘choice model’ environment where individuals are given the opportunity to play a key role in the development and provision of their services and care.

• Individualized programming to address the individual’s needs with regard to communication, behavior, activities of daily living, community integration, employment, social,cultural, and spiritual aspects of their life.

• Supervision and guidance to maintain health and safety while
striving to increase each client’s level of independence and self-confidence, through the establishment and preservation of appropriate community relationships.

• Focus on appropriate educational goals in conjunction with local community schools, or alternative education/work programs.

• Person centered care plans which will include input from the individual themselves, and addresses the desires and goals of the individual towards the achievement of optimal growth and wellness.

• We will focus on the emotional, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual, sensory, and occupational wellness of each individual.



At ILSS, we believe that periods of work or play that provide an opportunity to associate with others, and the accomplishment of routine tasks or activities, are important aspects of daily living. ILSS will offer:

➢ Structured, predictable programming which focuses on the development of personal life skills and activities of daily living

➢ Independence in skills whenever possible

➢ Community integration through employment, social and recreational opportunities

➢ Development of personal relationships with family, peers, and workers

ILSS promotes independence, self-worth and a sense of belonging while encouraging creativity and self-expression of each individual. Our caregivers will supervise activities of daily living within the home and the community, to ensure the safety and well-being of all clients.  Consultation between clients and caregivers will ensure that planned activities are appropriate and enjoyable for those participating, and that activities include those identified in their individual program goals The ILSS program will comprehensively address the personal, physical and social growth needs of each client.



The ILSS program will address behavioral concerns on an individual basis and match the appropriate intervention to the specific needs of the client. Workers will address maladaptive behavior through the systematic assessment of the behavioral function, and the development of behavior plans. Strategies in the individualized behavioral intervention plans may include:

• The development of alternative forms of communication

• Visual schedules for transitional periods

• Verbal cues

• Social Stories


All ILSS workers will be required to have a minimum of a 2 year college diploma in the social services, or a related field of study, as well as experience working with adults with complex special needs.  Workers will have completed a medical, a vulnerable sector police check; a driver’s abstract and has submitted a minimum of three references prior to commencing employment. OFGH is committed to hiring qualified and caring persons. Careful selection of workers that have a genuine commitment and understanding of our clients will be a priority in our hiring process.



All ILSS workers will be trained in the following areas:

• Crisis Intervention Training

• First aid and CPR

• Understanding of persons and families with complex care needs

• Policy and Procedures

• Behavior Management

• Multi-disciplinary approach

• Cultural Awareness Training

• Aspects of Confidentiality

• Completion of individual plans of care & report writing

• Quality Assurance and accountability


To obtain additional information regarding services offered by Ontario Family Group Homes, or to make a referral, please contact:

Lori McIntyre
Director of Service
Ontario Family Group Homes Inc.
Phone: 905-330-0077
E-mail: lmcintyre@ofgh.ca