"Providing services for the care and treatment of children and their families."

Our Approach

We believe that each child is an individual possessing positive strengths and interests. By focusing on these strengths and interests and by helping the child recognize and enhance their qualities, we establish a stable, solid base to deal effectively with the child. Our dedication to building on the child’s strengths and interests and enhancing their self-esteem to create change is what makes us different than other organizations. We are innovative and creative in our approach in dealing with youths and we remain strongly committed to helping them as they learn to help themselves. 

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Since 1981, OFGH has been offering a wide range of highly structured residential treatment programs for youths aged seven to eighteen that encompass work programs, academic programs, life skills development, literacy skills, problem solving techniques, physical fitness, nutrition, personal hygiene, and independent living skills.

In addition we offer treatment foster care, extended youth care, and family support programs.

The youth placed in OFGH programs come with a range of issues such as family breakdown, conduct disorder, OCD, PDD, ADD, ADHD, Tourettes, sexual issues, running, drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm or suicidal behavior, truancy and may require a specialized educational setting/program.  They require consistent staff support, guidance and supervision, although they can earn unsupervised community time depending on their progress and development in the program.

OFGH offers:

  • Unique treatment program design and commitment to providing the highest level of care.  We are also committed to partnering with communities, community-based resources, Children’s Aid Societies (“Agencies”) and Ministries to ensure program success in our delivery of services.
  • A strong reputation with the Agencies we serve and with the Ministry of Child and Youth Services (“MCYS”) for valuing the importance of the youth, family, community and surrounding resources in the success of our programs.
  • Flexibility in our ability to provide services to younger and older children depending on their placement needs. 
  • Qualified, professional, trained and caring staff that are experienced in the delivery of services to youth and their families.
  • Clinical support to the children, their families, the Agencies and others in need of clinical services and assessments. Clinical therapists are attached directly to specific programs to provide ongoing counselling for the youths and their families while the child is residing in the program and/or integrating back into the home/community.

Treatment Services

Every program is tailored to meet the individual needs of the sponsoring agency, the residents in our care and their families. We provide a high level of assessment, effective treatment planning, review, evaluation and support. We also ensure quality assurance and the maintenance of ongoing professional and healthy relationships. Our services include, though are not limited to:

  • Treatment components tailored to meet the needs of each child in our care in relation to themselves, their sense of family and their sense of community;
  • Structure and routines which promote a sense of responsibility and desire for the child to succeed in their behavioral objectives and goals;
  • Activities and recreational opportunities to help each child discover their interests and abilities;
  • Daily opportunities to participate in the community, promoting a stronger sense of belonging and desire to be a responsible individual;
  • Wherever possible and appropriate, structured opportunities to visit with family members in an environment that supports the child’s care and their successful treatment progress;
  • Academic and educational support to nurture academic skills and abilities.

Community, Commitment, Care

  • We believe that treatment success is possible with the right approach.
  • We understand and are fully committed to the time, creativity and diplomacy required to achieve successful programs where our clients receive the best possible care and services.
  • We are committed to, and work in partnership with our surrounding communities.
  • We pride ourselves on our proven track record in Residential Care and success.

Corporate Information

Ontario Family Group Homes Inc. is a Canadian private company, incorporated in 1999 to house the residential services division of Ontario Family Guidance Centre Inc. (“FGI”).  The residential services division began operations in 1981.